Question Mark

What is your Religion


There are many "baptized" men and women who really know nothing at all about Jesus Christ. Their religion consists in a few vague notions and empty expressions - they trust they are no worse than others - they keep to their church - they try to do their duty - they do nobody any harm - hope God will be merciful to them - they trust the Almighty will pardon their sins, and take them to heaven when they die. But what do these people know practically about Christ?

Nothing: nothing at all! Ask them about saving faith; ask them about being born again of the Holy Spirit.

What answer will you get? You have asked them simple Bible questions, but they know no more about them in their own lives than a Buddhist or a Turk. I warn you plainly that all notions and theories about God being merciful without Christ are baseless delusions. The God of heaven has appointed Christ as the only Saviour and the way of life, and all who would be saved must be content to be saved by Him, or they will never be saved at all.

Bishop J.C. Ryle